Virtual P2P Treasure Hunt – The hjc map to finding your virtual P2P treasure in a time of COVID-19

March 26, 2020


Travel and in-person events are off the table for right now but let us take you on a little treasure hunt to make your fundraising efforts virtual – and effective.

You are here ……..X

During this time as we navigate through the stormy waters of COVID-19, hjc is here to help you achieve your fundraising goals and help you enter the virtual realm with confidence and ease.

Whether you had to cancel a live event or you want to find a new, virtutal way for your constituents  (volunteers, board, major gifts, donors, P2P donors and fundraisers, etc.) to support your organization, here are some ways you can achieve your virtual fundraising goals.

Let’s get you ready to launch your virtual event!

  1. Define your Virtual Event Specifics
    • Event name
    • What kind of event do you want to run?
      • Convert your live event to a virtual one
      • Do a virtual P2P run/walk/ride
      • Set up a DIY P2P
      • Create a brand-new virtual event that your constituent groups can run with
    • Set the fundraising parameters – what will fundraisers do to raise funds

Here are a couple of great examples:

Live event Turned Virtual – Extra Life 4 Kids benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Virtual Walk/Run – Shelter – Home Run

  1. Set the event up on your current fundraising platform and if you need help sourcing the right one for you, we can help you navigate that and get you up and going. Some of the things you will want to consider with set up:
    • Allow for the ability to sign up as individuals or teams
    • Create a way to track progress – thermometers
    • Set up engaging email templates for fundraisers
    • Turn on features like covering the process fee to help your funds go further
    • Allow fundraisers to share their story why it’s so important for them to fundraise during this time
  1. Create visual assets for your fundraisers to share with their friends, family and coworkers
    • Social media engagement is at an all time high during this time and providing strong, engaging assets for your fundraisers will help them reach more people to support your cause
    • Set up a webinar or create a simple video tutorial that includes the following information:
      • About your cause and why it’s so important
      • How fundraisers can help
      • Where the funds will go
      • Why you this is needed more than ever
      • Ensure to draw out emotion during this type of content to capture the attention of audiences – video is king! And Can still be captured on smart phones and edited really well to practice social distancing
  1. Get the word out
    • Reach out to your email list with the new or changed event
    • Use this time to connect and check in with your Major gift donors on the phone to let them know what’s going on and how valuable they are and how they can help
    • Get new leads online by sharing your amazing video content to get people to fundraise online. You could even put them through a ‘sales funnel’  and capture their emails so you can share how to give back during this time, how to support your community, etc. Another way to capture online leads is – 3 ways YOU can help us during this time and email them a video or a strong infographic
  1. Create Toolkits for your fundraisers
    • Tips on how to raise money online during this time
    • Social downloads
    • Weekly tips and ideas for fundraising efforts
    • Fresh email templates every couple of weeks for your fundraisers to go out an ask
    • Additional social sharing options
    • Provide hashtags, content ideas and graphics to help fundraisers reach their networks even more effectively

Here are a few examples:

  1. Get your fundraisers excited and passionate! Highlight your different fundraiser segments in your newsletter and your social media to help encourage them and celebrate all the efforts they have put in to helping you. People like attention and celebrating in this way will only help strengthen your fundraisers connection to your amazing organization.

And let us build you a cultivation and stewardship plan that gets your virtual fundraiser to their goal. It’s virtual so you’ll need a combination of email, social media and the telephone to get them there.

  1. Add the extra sauce – Celebrate your fundraisers virtually
    1. Add some extra bells and whistles to your online fundraising platform like:
      1. badges for hitting fundraising goals
      2. Add badges for steps walked, km’s ridden or hours worked – Fitbits and other devices are a great tool to rely on for this and feed it into your platform

Now more than ever is a time to find virtual ways to build community and connect with your donors, fundraisers, volunteers and advocates.  They are your allies during this challenging time and when you can arm them with the best virtual resources and tools, you’ll be one step further in surviving in these tough times.  Let us help you navigate this time so you can continue the important work you do.

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About the Author Sarah Taylor, Account & Project Manager

Sarah has a unique background in the Non-Profit Sector which includes personal fundraising, Account Management and Director of Operations in Tele fundraising, Strategic Project Management in Online Fundraising and Administration and Event Planning at a Maternity Home for 5 years as a volunteer.

Sarah is also a Body Positive Fitness Studio Owner (Fitness By Sarah Taylor), Plus Size Model & Motivational Speaker.  You can catch her as a TV personality on Cityline as a Fitness Expert and Model. She is passionate about helping women learn to love themselves and build their confidence & strength – in and out of the gym.