Segmentation Ideas for Year-End Online Fundraising Campaigns

November 22, 2016

Segmentation Ideas for Year-End Online Fundraising Campaigns

It’s that time of year again – American Thanksgiving, holiday decorating, and endless shopping deals.

While most of the world is ramping up for Black Friday, non-profits are gearing up for year-end fundraising. As our metrics show, the majority of fundraising revenue for the year will be made during these last two months – and – having a plan is crucial for success. You’ve probably already prepared a killer year-end plan, but we thought we would share a few powerful segmentation ideas to boost your upcoming email appeals.

It should be noted, segmenting your audience during any time of year is important, but getting the message right during your year-end appeal can improve your engagement tremendously. Now, your audience has likely already receiving an increased amount of communication from other organizations during this time, so it is important to engage them with a personalized email and in a way that resonates with them and provides a call-to-action that compels them to give. Segmenting your email list allows your organization to get better fundraising results by crafting targeted asks based upon your donors’ responsiveness and engagement with your organization.

As you continue your year-end fundraising, consider these segmentation groups for your campaign:

• Donors vs non-donors
• Lapsed donors
• Recurring donors
• Large vs small dollar donors

• Volunteers
• Advocates
• Event attendees
• Fundraisers

Now that you have your segmentation groups outlined, the next step is to tailor your messaging accordingly. Your communication should always feel personal to your audience by thanking major donors for their past contributions or sending a heart-felt “we miss you” to lapsed donors. There are many ways you can target your content to the recipient. Here is a list of things you can do differently with these segments:

• Suppress a certain group (recent major donors)
• Change the subject line
• Send them to a dynamic donation levels form
• Reference their past giving (“as a XX level donor”)
• Reference the relationship (“thank you for participating in XX event”)
• Reference their interest area (“as a member of our response team”)
• Ask for a first time, renewal, or upgrade to monthly gift

All these methods of segmentation work to provide your donors a more personalized experience that shows them you’re listening and value their contributions. Choose which segments make sense with your organization and donor base and implement with your current strategy.
Using these techniques, hjc conducted a powerful personalized message – and the results speak for themselves.

Personalized emails work – clickthroughs are higher, conversion rates increase, your donors feel like you are listening & hence, they give more.

If you would like to talk more about Year-End Online Fundraising, feel free to contact us!