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Games and playful opportunities help teams work better together, to better plan fundraising strategies and to better execute day-to-day fundraising campaigns.

‍It’s exactly why we’ve taken our expertise in game design & curation of exiting games to craft a one-of-a-kind service: Games for Good.


Board Games

You’ve heard of humans called Homo Sapiens. It means wise human. But most social impact organizations haven’t heard of Homo Ludens.

Homo Ludens was a term coined in 1938 (and a title of a book) by Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga. Homo Ludens means playing human. He wrote about the essential nature of play in being human and in helping humans better find their way in the world.

That’s exactly why games and playful opportunities help teams work better together, to better plan fundraising strategies and to better execute day-to-day fundraising campaigns.

Games for Good is a service that can:

Choose a perfect game

Help you choose a perfect game or two for your staff and volunteers to play that perfectly matches your mission. It creates greater understanding, team work and further fuels your mission.

Think of us as your game concierge and we’ve sorted 16,000+ games for you!

Leverage fundraising

Leverage our unique fundraising and nonprofit games for your team – whether it’s a card game that helps staff define how they fit into the team and what else they can do or a resource allocation game that allows you to better allocate scare resources for fundraising and mission success.

Engaging constituents

Our game designers can make you a game on your mission – on your issues – to educate and engage your constituents and the public.

Recommended Games

It’s important to note that some of these titles are historical simulations that will stimulate real discussion on important issues. They may present challenging situations while playing (and could be triggering). But all of these games have a strong social value since they allow for historical learning and the opportunity for deeper examination of issues.

Heading Forward Game

Games can tell us important stories. And teach us something about the challenges others might be facing. One of those is Heading Forward, John du Bois’ solitaire game about recovering from a traumatic brain injury. John designed the game after his own traumatic brain injury since he wanted to share his own experience – to put the game player in his shoes as he worked towards his own recovery. Heading Forward isn't about how the player got to the point of the injury. It's about what happens next - how one navigates one’s recovery through the challenges that will appear at every step.

In this unusual solitaire game (although you can work together as a team if you’d like) you will take on the role of someone going through rehabilitation. To win, you must relearn and develop skills, achieving goals in at least three different areas in the time you've been allotted by your insurance company (this is an American game, and reflects the extra layer of difficulty its citizens can face while recovering from injury). Fail to win the challenge of the game (through recovery), and they will discontinue payment, resulting in your loss.

Skills are developed by rotating and switching out cards, upgrading in sequence from weak Level 1 skills to powerful Level 4 skills. To do so, you'll need to carefully manage your emotional and physical energy ("spoons") as well as other resources. But lurking in the deck is the memory of your trauma – the trigger card. It's a hard road ahead of you – even the simplest things feel so impossible at first. But as you stubbornly push forward, you'll slowly regain the skills you'll need to take on the bigger challenges ahead of you.

John du Bois's game is published by Hollandspiele, a small games company based in Michigan. You can buy the game from them directly here:
Heading Forward is a stunning and expressive example of what board games can do and can be. Games can truly create empathy and put you in the shoes of someone else who is facing real challenges in life.

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“hjc created a resource allocation game that gave my global a team the chance to work cross functionally – exploring where and how to place our limited resources for fundraising. It gave us both tactical and strategic understanding of how to best move forward together.”

Ramses Man, Global Fundraising Director at AMREF Health Africa

“hjc helped build understanding and cohesion with my team with innovative, game like experience that included a one-of-a-kind ‘character card’ exercise. Everyone got to make a ‘superhero’ like card and share with teammates. It was a playful way to bring my team closer together and have each of them better see the strengths and weaknesses – and desires – related to our mission”

Alex Tom, (past Head of Philanthropy, Marketing and Corporate Partnerships, UNHCR Canada) and current Senior Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships at March of Dimes Canada

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