"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" George Bernard Shaw

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In the social impact sector, hjc has always been concerned with how organizations, with limited resources, can provide the best possible supporter journey - and now there's help.

The commercial sector has invested in and created “customer experience (CX) journey mapping” – a sophisticated body of knowledge in design thinking that we’re harnessing the powers of now to better the charitable sector!



We’ve been working hard alongside our friends at Blackbaud to provide you an exciting White Paper that shows how the healthcare sector is using CX journey mapping to improve communication, strengthen relationships with constituents and more!

This White Paper will show you just how impactful a single journey mapping exercise can be for a hospital or healthcare foundation through 3 Case Studies with: Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and Parkinson Canada.

We’re super excited about it – and not just because we worked hard on it – but because it can greatly benefit your philanthropic efforts! Isn’t it just amazing when your work can better the world? Please, click below to learn more!

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We’ve also developed one for all other nonprofit organizations. CX journey mapping can uncover a variety of issues and pitfalls that can stop your organization from reach its full fundraising potential!

So, in this White Paper we feature 3 Case Studies with a diverse cast of fundraisers, including: Diabetes Canada, Knowledge Network and the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society – each facing different obstacles they would have otherwise never known about if it weren’t for CX journey mapping.

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Learn your challenge (problem) and define what your end goal is.


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Embark on your own CX journey map with hjc’s expert staff guiding your organization to reaching its fundraising goals!

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A Brief Encounter With The Big Kahuna

A one hour session with Mike Johnston, founder and owner of hjc

What I Need


A Prototype For Change

The virtual mapping pilot

Full Discovery Review
Development of 2 personas
Develop behaviour lines of your supporters
Journey Mapping session
Final report & next steps
What I Need


“Journey Mapping resurfaced how critically important clear and simple marketing communication is for fundraising success; based upon well-told stories of those served. The JM exercise was a very positive experience. We brought people together, and it was an eye-opener.”

Wendy Wong (Vice President, Resource Development, Parkinson Canada)

“The CX journey map exercise was a great experience! We managed to bring to the table both keyboard members and key hospital leadership, who showed enthusiasm to be a part of the process. We had a chance to learn the process and later used a shortened version of the JM to solve our concerns with the annual gala.”

Lindsay Peddle (Director of Communications, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation)

“The CX journey mapping helped us adopt a new mindset. After this exercise, we started to use a supporter-centric approach. We didn’t have this mentality in the past. Now we think not only about the ongoing work but also about the opportunities that may arise.”

Alison Cross (Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Ontario SPCA and Humane Society)

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A "Short and Sweet' spot on how Mapping can help your use of Technology for Social Impact
short video on Mapping
An NPTimes webinar with hjc and Greenpeace Interational on sustainable journey mapping
NPTimes Webinar

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