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“If not now, then when?”
The time for a new website or redesign to make
the world a better place has
never been more essential than now.

Our Work

As COVID 19 accelerates digital transformation for the non-profit sector, it could
be right time for a website refresh or redesign for your organization.
Please take a look at two of our new high impact websites below:

Salvation Army

When one of the best known
brands needed help to create
a website that can match their
ambition and passion, they turned
to hjc. Take a look: See it live!

Childrens Hospital Foundation

When this leading edge Children’s
Hospital Foundation needed a
powerful new website, hjc was
tasked to bring it’s unique UX
journey mapping along with its design
team to make this site: See it live!

See How HJC’s Website Redesigns Have Impact

Built in 2013, Children’s Health Foundation’s website was aging and no longer aligning with our organization’s strategic initiatives. Year over year, we saw very little growth in online revenue despite increasing our digital campaigns and events. The website had become a collection of webpages that served little value to our visitors. It was a maze of organization-centric information instead of a powerful tool to help drive awareness (and donors) to the cause.


We readjusted the look of the website so only one call to action was clear: donate. Any other content on the main page would not only supplement our SEO but allow the visitor to understand immediately who and what they would be supporting.


We reduced friction, focused on mobile-first design, and stripped down the pages to only those that were most visited and ensured all content was meaningful, using donor-centric language. Our donation form was shortened, and we added the option to donate with PayPal in addition to credit card. Real images of sick children and a strong value proposition make the donation experience compelling for the donor.


After the new website was up for 1 year, our online revenue increased by 76%. By improving our SEO, we increased traffic to our website by 23%. Improving our content, designing for mobile first, reducing friction to donate, and adding PayPal increased the conversion rate by 31%. A powerful and meaningful value proposition helped increase the average gift by 9%.

This chart shows the plateau Children’s Health Foundation was experiencing in their online revenue. There was very little growth year over year. The new changes and updates to the website increased online revenue by 76%.

Children’s Health Foundation website before and after the redesign. Note the many calls to action and no clear message of who or what the organization supports. The redesign allows for more visual storytelling and presenting the cause and value proposition to the visitor immediately upon their arrival.

Improved SEO allows for Google to trust our website over others and also ensures the right information is reaching those who are searching for us.


*An excerpt from an upcoming book.

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