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Case Study

Successful Multi-Channel Supporter Conversion

Heart Wall in GVFB


2019 Donor Conversion Campaign


Greater Vancouver Food Bank

The Challenge

Market a 4-week long multi-channel conversion campaign focused on converting supporters into monthly donors.

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Our Approach

Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) assists approximately 8,500 people weekly across Greater Vancouver, providing and distributing nearly 5 million pounds of food each year across 80 communities. Recently, GVFB was granted government funding to help them continue providing food security – however, donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations remain their primary source of revenue.


GVFB requested hjc to develop a month-long conversion campaign to turn one-time donors, lapsed donors, and other supporters into monthly donors.


With thousands of contacts to potentially convert, hjc chose a multi-channel approach to ensure conversion success. Facebook ads, telemarketing call, and Email follow-ups were utilized to high effect – each tactically used for a different stage of the marketing funnel and the donor’s journey.

The Result

With a modest media spend for Facebook ads and telemarketing follow-ups, hjc and Greater Vancouver Foodbank found the success they were looking for.

Of the thousands of individuals served ads, more than half were reached with calls. And of those reached, a number made single donations and many monthly donors decided to give additional donations – achieving GVFB’s donation goal.

What this campaign showed is the success of a two-step campaign – and how success can be found through integrating Facebook ads with telemarketing conversion.

50%+ reached with Calls
GVFB is incredibly pleased with the conversion we’ve seen and the additional donations we’ve received. We’re excited to see continues results from hjc’s services as we continue to work with them.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank