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Case Study

One Brave Night


One Brave Night


CAMH Foundation

The Challenge

CAMH set forth a target to increase the overall number of registrants for One Brave Night on a lesser budget than that of their 2016 project.

See the project Our Approach

Our Approach

To keep our cost per acquired event participant (CPA) as low as possible, we employed a user-centric strategy to target our warmest leads. Through daily multivariate testing we served the right ads, to the right people, at the right time to inspire action. We implemented what we call ‘Smart Marketing’ which aims to acquire online constituents through social media and other paid channels in a more cost-effective and segmented way.
Key Tactics:
• Custom Audience Matching
• Geo-targeting in key cities in Ontario
• Lookalike audiences
• Demographic, Affinity, Interest targeting
• Keyword search
• Re-marketing

The Result

• Total registrants increased from 692 to 1,624 in one year
• The cost per acquired registrant decreased by 42% in one year
• With the help of our digital efforts, total funds raised increased from $414,137 to $858,657 year over year
• 45% increase in clicks to the website

Cost Per Action (Year-Over-Year Comparison):
2015: CPA of over $200 per participant. 335 registrants
2016: CPA of over $100 per participant. 692 registrants
2017: CPA of over $70 per participant. 1,624 registrants

135% increase in total registrations compared to 2016