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Case Study

Multi-year Digital Marketing and Fundraising Program


Multi-year Digital Marketing and Fundraising Program


St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation

The Challenge

This community-focused General Hospital wanted to modernize its community outreach, brand building, marketing, and fundraising by building a best practice digital program.

See the project Our Approach

Our Approach

They worked closely with hjc to:

  1. Connect the digital marketing and fundraising program to the Strategic Pillars of the Hospital and the Hospital Foundation
  2. Take the Strategic Pillars and connect them to a benchmark-driven Balanced Scorecard that laid out the tactical execution of a digital program
  3. Implement a marketing automation tool – Luminate Online – that could provide a holistic service to St Joe’s digital expansion
  4. Create year round digital marketing and fundraising campaigns that could be executed with a digital tool set (Luminate Online) allowing for real time tracking and improvement of campaigns to maximize ROI and impact
  5. Foster internal skills to give St Joe’s staffing excellence to drive the digital program


The Result

Over the last four years, St Joe’s has seen:

1. Digital fundraising go from 1% to 13% of overall giving
2. The email file has grown from 1,000 to almost 12,000
3. The average gift online has gone from $90 to $181
4. Through social media, digital has become the number one way that the Hospital and the Foundation reach out to their community
5. Digital became the most effective way to get people to give to the Hospital Foundation for the first time

1,200% increase in the email file driven by 12% contribution of online giving
For the last four years, hjc has worked closely with our Foundation to build an integrated, omni-channel and digitally potent engagement and fundraising plan. It’s been transformative to our ability to project our brand, launch new community-focused campaigns and meet our fundraising goals

Maria Dyck

CEO, President, St. Joseph's Health Centre Foundation ,

St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation