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Case Study

Lead Conversion


Neighbourhood House Week 2022


Association of Neighborhood Houses BC

The Challenge

This was their first lead generation campaign. They wanted to increase the number of contacts in their database. The challenge was to obtain 500 leads in a period of three weeks.

See the project Our Approach

Our Approach

Every year ANHBC celebrate Neighbourhood House Week during the first week of May along with other organizations in order to show the great impact Neighbourhood houses have on the community.

This year, ANHBC decided to extend the celebration for the whole month of May, leaving it to HJC to run several Facebook advertisements offering free flower seeds to generate new leads and grow their database.

ANHBC’s goals and objectives:

  • Increase awareness.
  • Generate new leads.
  • Raise funds.

    Following receipt of the lead, we mailed them a thank you card with the seed paper that had a QR code that directed them to their donation page. Simultaneously, we developed, planned, and executed a social media and email marketing campaign strategy to generate awareness and drive traffic to their donation website.

    Because this was a client-testing campaign, the first thing we did was see which Lead resource worked best for them.

    We put the following to the test:

  • Sent traffic to their website for people to sign up.
  • We made entering their information simple with a pre-filled form.
  • Within Facebook Messenger , a bot asked the user pre-determined questions.

    At the start, ANHBC only wanted 500 leads. We got 834 leads. Increased their social by 80%.

    The Result

    Using a Facebook sign-up form was the best channel because the cost and quality of the leads were excellent.

    ANHBC was able to grow their social media following by 80% while bringing in 834 full leads (email + full address + phone number).

    80% increase in social media followers
    hjc is always creative and urging us to try and test new ideas. Working with them always generates new ideas and opportunities. The flower seeds were a great success to generate leads and we look forward to seeing what comes from this campaign”.

    Shirlyn Baskette

    Director, Fund Development ,

    Association of Neighborhood Houses BC