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Case Study

Customer Experience (CX) Journey Mapping


Customer Experience (CX) Journey Mapping


Diabetes Canada

The Challenge

A key P2P event – Team Diabetes – had reached a revenue and participant plateau. This overseas running event had consistently brought in millions of dollars for Diabetes Canada, but there were a number of challenges that the event team wanted to overcome.

See the project Our Approach

Our Approach

Hjc worked with the Team Diabetes team to analyze the past; create three key personas; and three key problems to overcome. Hjc then facilitated a cross-functional team effort over four hours to map out improvements and fixes to the event.

The Result

In January of 2016, prior to hjc’s help, Team Diabetes had 143 participants raising $929,500. After journey mapping, and in the same time period a year later (in January of 2017), Team Diabetes had 223 participants who will raise $1,449,500.

That’s an increase in revenue of $520,000 through CX Journey Mapping.

$520,000 increase in revenue from one improvement that came out of journey mapping!
Journey Mapping with hjc has been an incredibly powerful way for my fundraising team to work better together – and to focus on key ‘moments that matter’ to raise more money and create a better customer journey

Donna Dowsett

National Director, Team Diabetes & Events ,

Canadian Diabetes