The Top 5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Isn’t User-Centric

June 15, 2017

The tools have changed, the technology has evolved, and there are more players in the game demanding the attention of your donors than ever before.

But despite all this, the truth is that the core principle of successful marketing hasn’t changed. Marketing that cuts through the noise, grabs the attention of your donors, and convinces them to support your cause isn’t a trend, a trick, or something that only organizations with massive budgets can accomplish.

Effective marketing has always been about one thing: putting the diverse needs and wants of your diverse supporters at the core of your communications. And doing it in a way that is personalized. That is user-centricity.

By being user-centric in your digital marketing efforts, you’ll be able to craft campaigns that you can be confident about, that will resonate with your supporters, and will persuade them to act.

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