Navigate the Unknown with the 2019 Digital Outlook Report

February 20, 2019

The 2019 edition of the Digital Outlook Report is here! Along with Care2 and NTEN, we have collected data from hundreds of non-profit professionals in over 20 countries and identified key areas in the digital work to focus on for the coming year.

This report will help you steer your ship to smoother waters. We’ll teach you how to better measure the ROI of your fundraising efforts, simple ways to improve cross-team communication, and how to think outside the #nptech box to find software solutions that fit your organization.

Now in its fifth year, the Digital Outlook Report is loaded with diverse in-depth guides and expert advice. With actionable ideas for every organization, it’s really a must-read for any nonprofit digital team hoping to improve their results in 2019. Get your free copy here.