Make Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page Successful with 5 Tips

March 27, 2018

No non-profit wants a peer-to-peer (p2p) fundraising page that doesn’t get the job done. When coming up with a new p2p fundraising page, there are fundamental components that make a successful page. Here are 5 top tips to include on your next one to make your team heartily thank you.

1. A Clear Call-to-Action

Every p2p fundraising page needs a clear goal and direction you want your user to go. Whether that is sharing the page or signing up to fundraise, keep the message simple and consistent. Make the call-to-action bold and easily accessible by using bold colors, thoughtful placement, and effective language.

2. Social Sharing

On a p2p page, fundraising is largely based on the donors and their involvement on social networks. Make your site easily shareable on social media and offer an option for the user to continue to follow your story. Services like AddThis are great for sharing capabilities on a p2p page. Also make sure your own social media networks are continually promoting the cause.

3. Compelling Content

The content on a p2p page should tell a story that engages the reader so think hard about what your audience is looking for on the page. Create content that makes the user want to share on their social networks. Content can be displayed in multiple ways to keep the page interesting. Here are a few to inspire you: info-graphics, impact stories, videos, testimonials from volunteers, statistics and so many more.

4. Purposeful Imagery

Use relevant imagery that evokes emotion and grabs the user’s attention. The images on a p2p page should successfully capture the goal of the site. Images should convey a message, either the excitement about getting involved or the need to help. Try to avoid using low resolution images as these will bring down the quality of the page and your brand.

5. Hierarchy

Thoughtfully look over all the content on the page, find what is most important to the cause and make sure it’s front and center. Can the user easily search for other participants or teams? Can they find the

ways to share without clicking through the internal pages? Is there an easy way to contact your organization if they have questions? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s time to re-evaluate your content hierarchy.

With these best practices in mind, your non-profit’s peer-to-peer page is sure to be a hit. Just remember to always focus your user’s attention on your end goal, remove any unnecessary clutter on the page, and make your call-to-action front and center. Happy fundraising!


About the Author

Alexandra is an experienced multidisciplinary designer who has been pushing pixels for the past seven years. As lead designer for all US projects, Alexandra works with clients to create modern, user-friendly sites with strong typography, colors, and layouts. She joined hjc in 2015 and has worked on a variety of projects that range from responsive design, email newsletters, donation forms, print ads, and much more.