LinkedIn: Marketing Tool or Networking?

January 16, 2018

With social media playing such a prominent role in the daily routines of many, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn’s presence in the professional world is so strong. The site is most commonly recognized for its beneficial impact in the world of networking, although it’s often overlooked for its ability to also act as a very powerful marketing tool. LinkedIn has provided professionals with the ability not only to network, but also market themselves and their respective companies with the use of personal and business profiles.

Consumers are driven by the personal connection that they relate to a business, especially in heavily saturated markets. Through LinkedIn, a business profile can build on this value-based competitive advantage by connecting with those who work within it or are brand loyal, therefore allowing an opportunity to connect more directly with consumers. Conjointly, this also works from an internal marketing standpoint. Colleagues within the same company or counterparts who work within similar fields are presented an opportunity to connect with one another and build their exposure in specific markets. This then allows for the opportunity to build partnerships or to acquire new clients, combining the experience of networking with marketing from both an individual or company standpoint.

LinkedIn also provides tools to post achievements such as projects, awards, and certifications while also allowing members to follow groups that interest them in both a personal and professional perspective. These features give members the opportunity to connect based on similar interests and achievements, therefore providing insight into the similarities that contribute to personal marketing and brand building before the process of networking even begins. Those who post and share contributions within these groups establish themselves as thought leaders in the related market, driving opportunities for further connections in their current or undiscovered network. The ease of sharing content with a simple click or tap allows these contributions to become shared on a global scale within minutes, leading to an immediate increase in media exposure.

While LinkedIn may have made its impact in the world of social media as a predominant platform for networking, the marketing opportunity that the tool presents is equally as useful. An individual profile offers insight into the passion, experience, and skills that a person brings to the table in their sector, adding value for those seeking a new connection.

About the Author

Hailey joined hjc in the role of Fundraising Coordinator in April. She is a graduate of the Business Administration program at George Brown College and is looking forward to making her footprint in the industry. She has a passion for communication and problem solving and believes that these skills play a prominent role within her position at hjc.