How to Kick Off Your Event Season Successfully

June 5, 2018

With the warmer temperatures here and summer just around the corner, many organizations are gearing up to launch their P2P fundraising campaigns for 2018. Here are some helpful tips on how to engage your participants and get the fundraising ball rolling!

Get your event site ready

Communicate with your participants


Offer tools and tips


With these quick-win tips, you should be able to sufficiently prepare for your event in advance, make your participants feel cared about as well as consistently motivated, and make the whole fundraising experience as enjoyable as possible! What better way to celebrate the summer?

About the Author

Meghan is a Project Manager with nine years of experience in the non-profit industry focusing on events and online fundraising. She previously worked at Parkinson Canada where she managed their fundraising website and TeamRaiser for their largest nationwide event, Parkinson SuperWalk.

Meghan also worked with Heart&Stroke as the Project Manager for Ride Ontario (Toronto), Ride Newfoundland and Big Bike TeamRaisers in 2017.